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Free plugins for the month of March

Buy any one of our plugins and get our four X-Series plugins free.

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Free plugins for the month of March

Buy any one of our plugins and get our four X-Series plugins free.


The most intuitive clipper on the market

BSAClipper | The easiest way to achieve modern loudness without destroying the punch and impact is with smart, purposeful clipping in the mix.

Siegfried Meier

“The clipper is hands down the best I’ve ever heard - super transparent and makes everything POP!”

DMX, Kittie, Face To Face, Helix

Clipper showcase photo

An all-in-one tool to manage your low end

Low Control was designed to give you maximum control from one plugin. Easily dial in the perfect low end in just a few clicks.

Henrik Udd

“Completely floored by the low end qualities and richness that Low Control instantly adds. It makes everything sound 10X more expensive!”

Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Dayseeker

Low Control showcase photo

Breathe life into your mix

Oxygen uses a unique process to control and enhance the top-end of any track in your mix. It has a smooth and musical character you can't get from EQ

Forrester Savell

“This is a very nice plugin and I'm really getting a lot of mileage out of it! Not normally a fan of exciter style plugins but this is doing wonders.”

Karnivool, Skyharbor, Dead Letter Circus

Oxygen showcase photo

LoFi made simple

Stop wasting time loading up an entire arsenal of plugins to achieve that classic LoFi sound. Simplify the entire chain with TeloFi and go from 4-5 plugins to one.

Forrester Savell

“I’ve been sashing this plugin and it’s highly usable. I’m mixing an album with lo-fi vocals all over it and TeloFi is doing just what it needs!”

Karnivool, Skyharbor, Dead Letter Circus

Telofi showcase photo

Energize your tracks at the turn of a knob

Escalator takes a complex process of saturation and reduces it down to just one knob. It sounds great on drums, vocals, strings, guitars and anything else you want to stand out in a mix.

Roelof Klop

“Escalator has replaced almost all of my saturation plugins. It’s not only easier to use, but it sounds amazing, rich and full!”

Owner at Roelof Klop Music Productions

Escalator showcase photo
Picture of Tommee

"I absolutely love the plugins that the Black Salt Audio team is creating. So simple and easy to use!"

Tommee Profitt

NF, Apex Legends, Assassin's Creed, UFC

Picture of Siegfried

“I can't mix without my Black Salt Audio plugins these days. Excited to see what they come out with next. 10/10!”

Siegfried Meier

DMX, Kittie, Face To Face, Helix