Where cymbals go to die

Change The Way
You Mix Drums

Cymbal bleed is the enemy of great drum mixes. Traditional gates can only help so much before the gating itself becomes obvious. Silencer is the ultimate solution, eliminating cymbal bleed while preserving the integrity of your original sound.

It’s not just a gate... it will forever change the way you mix drums.

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“Silencer is one of the best and most intuitive drum gates I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it. Great work BSA!”

Andy Sneap

Killswitch Engage, Dream Theatre, Fear Factory


More Than
Just A Gate

Unlike a traditional gate that simply reduces volume, Silencer
incorporates a transparent & musical sounding gate with an advanced
de-bleeding circuit. This allows you to kill all of the nasty high-
frequency bleed while preserving the attack, tone and body of the
original sound.

Get 2X More
From Your Drums

For decades, mixers have had to rely on samples and
compromise their live drum mixes because of bleed. With
Silencer, all that nasty bleed will disappear - so go ahead and
crank that EQ, saturation and compression twice as much as
before. It’s so good that your live drum tracks will sound as
clean as drum samples.

Intuitive Controls
Extreme Precision

With dedicated processing for Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Kick and
Toms, Silencer intelligently filters out other parts of the kit to avoid
mis-triggers. Its true lookahead means the transients you want
always get through undamaged. The visualizer and simplified
interface allow you to dial in your de-bleeded drum track in

How It Works

Hover over an action node to learn more about Silencer

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1 Treshold

A simple and easy-to-see threshold control that works hand-in-hand with the visualizer.

2 Instrument Mode

Our gating and debleeding algorithm is fine-tuned and optimized for Snare top & bottom, kick and toms.

3 Waveform Visualizer

Differentiates true hits from bleed so you can isolate the shells from the cymbals with extreme precision.

4 Reduction Knob

This controls the amount of attenuation when the gate is closed.

5 Length Control

This defines the length of the sustain or ‘ring’ you want to hear on each hit (think ‘release’ and ‘sustain’ on traditional gates)

6 Ghost

Automate this button on/off to easily allow ghost notes through when needed.

7 DeBleed Control

Tweak the amount of high-frequency de-bleeding that occurs in Silencer’s de-bleeding circuit. This is the magic knob!

8 Side-chain

Engage side-chain mode to trigger the gate from another bus, while getting all of the tone & debleeding benefits of Silencer.


Seamless isolation of drum transients and cymbal bleed. Once you try it, you’ll feel limited without it.

Picture of Sam

“Silencer does exactly what its name implies, and super well I might add. The ghostnote and the sidechain feature make it the best of many gates all in one.”

Sam Guaiana

The Devil Wears Prada, Silverstein, Against The Current

Picture of Nick

“Silencer solves the biggest and most frustrating problem that mixers face when mixing live drums. It has absolutely earned permanent residence on my close mic drum tracks.”

Nick Sampson

Polyphia, We Came As Romans, Erra

Key Features

  • Unique De-Bleed circuitry, absent in conventional gates, allows precise and natural gating across the frequency spectrum.
  • Multiple predefined drum modes, ensure instant adaptability to any audio material.
  • The DeBleed circuit is meticulously tuned by ear, delivering a natural high-end sound that blends seamlessly into any mix.
  • The mode-dependent lookahead behavior ensures that no transient snap or attack goes unnoticed.
  • Fine-tuned Gate Decay curve allows for gated drums that decay naturally at any length.
  • Ghost Note toggle for easy automation, allowing ghost notes to pass through even when below the threshold.
  • Precise Waveform Visualizer that provides a clear visual context for setting the Gating Threshold per Mode, allow for quick mix decisions.
  • Sidechain Support so the plugin can react based on inputs from various sidechain sources, unlocking a world of flexibility and creative mixing potential.
  • User-adjustable Reduction amount to either mute gated material entirely or blend it in to achieve the desired sound.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.13 or higher

64 bit compatible

Windows 10

At least 200 MB of free drive space

DAW Support

AAX, AU, VST3 versions

64 bit compatible

Ableton Live 9.2.2+ / 10.1 (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)

Bitwig 1.3.9 + (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)

Cubase 8 + (Mac & PC: VS3T)

Digital Performer 8 + (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)

FL Studio 12 + (PC: VST3)

Garageband 10+ (AU)

Logic Pro 9+ (Mac: AU)

Native Instruments Maschine 2.4 + (Mac & PC: AU, VST3)

Pro Tools 12+ (Mac & PC: AAX)

Presonus Studio One 3.2.2 (Mac and PC: AU, and VST3)

Reaper v6.28 (PC: VST3)

Cakewalk by BandLab 2021.04 (Build 175, 64 bit) (PC: VST3)

Product Manual

Download the product manual for Silencer here.