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What is the Foodstamps Licensing Hub app I found?

This app has the sole purpose of enabling Black Salt Audio plugins to "talk to each other". This app NEVER communicates over the internet and doesn't collect data or do anything other than give our plugins the ability to send data to another instance of a plugin on your system.

One specific use-case this app has is product activation.

  • Imagine a scenario, in which you used a Black Salt Audio plugin in trial mode.
  • You loaded up multiple instances of that plugin in your session.
  • Now your trial expires, and you decide to buy and activate this plugin.
  • Once you open up your session with multiple instances of that plugin, you open one and activate it.
  • You have now activated this one plugin. Your other instances of the same plugin don't "know" about this activation and will still be deactivated - you'd have to restart your session for this to take effect on the other plugins as well or activate them all manually.
    • This is where "Foodstamps Licensing Hub" comes in.
    • Using the server, the activated plugin can now "tell" all the other plugins about the changed activation, so these can check the license in turn and will now be fully activated as well.

FoodstampsIpcServer is in no way necessary for plugin operation, but it will enable smoother processes when it comes to activation/deactivation of your plugins and might also be used for future functions, where plugins have to communicate with each other.

Foodstamps Licensing Hub will never collect data or establish any connection over the internet.

It will always only enable communications between plugins local to your system.

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